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Why Interstitials Are Terrible For Your Website

By September 9, 2019 July 24th, 2020 No Comments

A member of our team recently attended a digital marketing conference in Atlanta. The speaker, a noted leader in the industry, had this to say about interstitials: “I haven’t even had a chance to like you yet – and now I hate you!”.

If you have ever been interrupted by an annoying box that fills the screen shortly after visiting a website, you’ve likely had a similar experience. These are called interstitials, and it seems nearly impossible to find a website without them.

While they are frustrating for visitors, they prove even more detrimental for businesses. As the web continues to become saturated with interstitials, the experience will only prove more irritating for consumers.

This can lead to a negative perception of businesses that use them.

Here, we’ll quickly explore why you should avoid placing them on your website.

Poor User Experience

Man suffering from a poor user experienceThe aforementioned speaker expressed a common frustration. Web users are accustomed to smooth, seamless experiences online. When that expectation is interrupted, it results in a poor experience. Consumers may also view the business less favorably.

Higher Bounce Rate

Falling website traffic

The results of irritating website visitors isn’t surprising: a higher bounce rate. A website’s “bounce rate” refers to the percentage of visitors who leave very shortly after visiting a website. These percentages skyrocket when interstitials pop up. In most cases, this means visitors leave the website before seeing its products or services. Even worse, most of these visitors “bounce” back to Google and browse competing websites.

Loading Speed and Search Rankings

Slow loading bar

Interstitials require scripts to work. Unfortunately, scripts slow websites down. Google looks closely at a website’s speed when ranking. Also, consumers typically wait less than 5 seconds for a website to load. So, a website’s loading speed is an important consideration. This is another way to lose to competitors who don’t use interstitials.

Opportunity: Setting Yourself Apart

Man celebrating his success

You can set your business apart by excluding interstitials. Offer a refreshing experience for new visitors who can’t seem to escape them. Give them a chance to form their own opinion. Let them make the decision to contact you based on what they find.

If your website still doesn’t grab their attention, it means the experience needs to be better, not worse. You may need to reconsider your website’s content and how it could entice visitors more effectively (tip: we can help with this).

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Interstitials are just one of the many mistakes that have become common in digital marketing. If you’re ready to promote your business online the right way, give us a call! You can reach us at 423-251-4041. You can also email us at info@allianceweb.net.